We Welcome All Resellers

JH Bertrand welcomes all resellers. 

We are excited to have you as a distributor/reseller. We want you to succeed and enjoy doing business with us so we look for every way to make the process frictionless. 

“No piece of business is worth losing our reputation as an ethical and honest company. This is why you can trust us to handle your business with complete protection.”

Jeff Bertrand





  • Reduced Pricing for Resale– We offer discounted pricing from 3% to 10%+ depending on the situation and application.
  • Billing Options Traditional– We give you a price. You mark up and resell. Rep– We offer a price. You advise mark-up. We add, bill and send you a check when we get paid.
  • Joint phone calls with Project Managers or Director of Business Development. We can be introduced as part of your company to help explain the project to your customer.
  • Strategize with Jeff Bertrand. Jeff is available to give mark-up guidance, brainstorm about specific accounts or discuss general questions about selling the product.
  • Absolute Protection– We are deadly serious about making sure that our distributors/resellers are protected. Even with some direct sales, we have no problem maintaining solid account protection.*
  • Reliability. We are well known for our reliability. If you give us a job, you can forget about it. It will be done on time without you having to beg us or constantly follow up.   
  • Deep Bench. JHB’s own manufacturing coupled with its partner plants equals huge capabilities in the copy expansion niche.
  • Easy Samples. Fill out our sample form (or call us) and get a Big Kit Sample Kit sent to you. If you want, we can customize the kit with more of one kind of sample. We’ve numbered the products on our PRODUCT page so you can say that you need more of #1 and #8, for example. 
  • Custom Mock-ups. We believe in crystal clear communications. Sometimes customers just need to see it. Ask us. We’ve happy to make a custom sample for you.





Approximately 50% of our business is made for the trade which includes resellers, commercial printers, packaging companies, advertising agencies, and label manufacturers. The balance of our business is direct and handled exclusively by a very small sales force. While it would be nice to focus only on the trade, we need both channels to be successful as we operate in a niche. It is our intention, however, to have our business more weighted in distribution as we grow. You will find us to be very frank, ethical and honest about working any issues out. We take account protection very seriously. You can be assured that your business with us will be handled confidentially and with great discretion. If you have any questions, feel free to call Jeff Bertrand to discuss.

“Onserter” – A device that allows us to marry booklets with base webs.

Distributors FAQ (PDF)
Please read our preparation primer on how we need your printing prepared for shipment to us.
Example of how an ONSERT is prepared for conversion to booklet label.

5 most common uses for booklet labels:

1. Multilingual text
2. Government required directions for use (DFU)
3. Coupon or rebate
4. Product instructions or information
5. On Product Offer


1. Consumer products (food promotions-OTC-drug facts-durables-other) – $150 million (growing)
2. Chemical (ag chem and general) l- $75 million (flat to growing fractionally-lots of consolidation)
3. Pharma and Medical Device – $75 million (growing)
Total Booklet Label Market – $300 Million

*Based on estimates from trade partners, our knowledge of the industry, soft competitors and how much specialized equipment exists in the market. This includes everything from 2 plies and up. And, most importantly, it is a total guess.