25 Uses

25 Ways Booklet Labels Solve Your Product Labeling Problems…

1. Directions for Use.
 We’ve all experienced the frustration of lousy instructions. Expand your product’s directions so that people have a better experience with your product. 

2. Government Required Information. EPA-FDA-DOT-GHS-State: If the government requires it to be on your product, we can help you make it all fit so your label is compliant. The last thing you want is a government agency fining you for missing required information. “Precautions”, “Warnings”, “First Aid”, “Toxicological Information”, “Storage and Disposal” and etc. are all typical examples of required government information.

3. Product Liability Lawsuits: Make your product safer to use by adding more detailed copy (avoid a lawsuit). More information on the product gives you a better defense against product misuse in a liability lawsuit (defend a lawsuit).

4. Multilingual Labeling: Combine all your languages into one booklet label to make selling in foreign markets easier and less expensive. This eliminates inventory hassles and the expense of carrying a label for every country you sell in.

5. Food and Drug Facts: You’re required to give the end user a list of ingredients, calories, and nutritional information. Use our 2 or 3 or 4 ply labels to make it easy to provide this information.

6. “DIY” and “How To”: Give your customers more information on how they can solve a problem with your product. For example, if you’re a vinegar manufacturer, you could provide a label with “40 uses for vinegar”. This makes your product more valuable to your customer. Everyone is looking to solve problems. 

7. Coupons and Rebate labels: Everyone wants to save money. Affix a coupon or rebate to your product to give your product a boost and build good will.

8. Benefit Statements: Use a booklet label to fully detail all your product benefits. Customers need to be reminded of why your product is relevant. Don’t leave it to a few bullet points on the products. Tell your customers why they need to buy your brand over your competitors.

9. Enlarge Graphics: Product labeling heavily influences purchasing decisions. Open up your label graphics by putting the legal copy inside a booklet label. Once done, you have room for big, bold, fresh graphics that will enhance your brand.

10. Recipes and other value-added information: Build your brand by giving away value-added information on your product. Recipes offer new ways to use your products.

11. Free Product Samples: Use our neck hanger packages to give away a sample. Free samples are a tried and true way of building product sales.

12. Warranty Information: Get your customers to fill out those warranties by providing them in a convenient place…right on your product package.

13. Defense the Competition: Don’t be silent when your competition is telling your customers false and misleading information about your products. Use our booklet labels to give the right answers on your products. Combine with Twitter and Facebook for the biggest impact.

14. Co-Opt Promotions: Affix a big color booklet of manufacturer’s coupons to your product package. You’ll create a lot of attention-getting value. Best of all, your advertisers will pay most of the expense.

15. Cross Promotion: Use your best selling product to “cross-promote” other products you offer. Satisfied customers who know and love your products will be most receptive to buying other things you offer.

16. Story Telling: Stories get people more emotionally involved. Customers don’t know enough about what you do or what went into making your product. For example, if you are winemaker, tell your customers what went into making your delicious wine. When customers feel connected, they are more inclined to buy more from your company.

17. New Product Launch: Use your best selling product to launch a new product. Tell your customers all about the new product to get immediate traction. Combine with your website to make a powerful synergistic effect.

18. Customer Retention Programs: Provide a card with a unique code that enrolls a customer in a program once they send it in or fill out online.

19. Convenience: Who wants to bend over to read a heavy can, bag or box? Nobody. Give your customer an informational booklet that can be detached and taken to a more comfortable place to read.

20. Research Vehicle: Use a booklet label to get invaluable information from your customers. Make it a self-mailer or prompt them to go online to fill out a form. Either way, an on product questionnaire is well worth the investment.

21. MSDS: Put your MSDS on your products where it can be immediately accessed in an emergency. Looking for it online or in a file may waste precious time in a life-threatening situation.

22. Emergency Label Changes: You’re about to ship your product and you find out that there is a label change. Why spend thousands on repacking or throwing away products? Add a booklet label as an addendum. It doesn’t always work out, but we have seen many situations where another label saves a lot of money and time.

23. Reduce Packaging: What could be greener than eliminating extra packaging. Combine the insert and carton information on a booklet label.

24. Multi-insert Sales Encapsulations: Hire your product as a new salesperson. Our booklet label encapsulations can carry 3 inserts. Give your customers a sophisticated sales presentation right on your product package. Watch your sales grow!

25. Game Promotions: Everyone loves a contest. Make a splash in the marketplace with on product game promotion.