Promotional Code Print

Promotional Applications: Variable data is used widely to make promotional offers unique. For example, a company may want to offer a free ringtone or movie download. JH Bertrand can produce a booklet label with the offer and a unique variable code that can only be used once. The consumer can then enter that code at your website or a designated website to receive the promotional item. These types of codes are often hidden inside the booklet label, on the base label underneath a booklet label, inside a two ply label, on the back side of a single ply label with a clear dry release base or under a scratch off coating to protect them from being used by unintended parties.

Alpha-Numeric code revealed after customer
scratched off coating.

Arrow points to 20 digit alpha-numeric code.

Shown above is a promotional coupon with a 24 digit variable code (2). The code was hidden on the reverse side of the coupon and revealed when the coupon was peeled off the dry release base (1).

Things to think about if you are going to do a variable code project.

  • Variable imaging data prints black. If a color other than black is required an additional charge may apply, depending on desired color.
  • What type of code do you need? Sequential?…Random?…Unique barcode?
  • How many characters is it, and where is it going on your booklet label?
  • Where do you want your code? We can put codes on the base, the cover of the booklet, inside the booklet pages, on the base label, and under the adhesive. We can also cover codes with scratch off coatings.
  • Will you require a list of all the codes supplied, but not in the run due to set-up and waste…or are missing numbers OK as long as we provide you with the start and end code numbers? It is more costly if you need to know all of the missing codes. This additional step ensures all codes are printed which is the medical standard.
  • For the typical variable code application, a 30% overage is required to account for waste in the promotional printing. This is a different process than medical code printing where 100% of the codes need to be delivered. If 100% of the codes need to be returned, then a second batch is generated and the missing codes are reprinted and reconciliated so there is no duplication. This is a more expensive solution and not typical of promotional coding.
  • If customer supplied codes contain the characters “A”, “E”, “I”, “O”, “U”, “1” {one}, “0” {zero}, JH Bertrand will not be responsible for code content or the formation of undesirable codes. Offensive words may be created if the above characters are used.
  • We use Ink Jet, Thermal Transfer and Laser Marking.