Multiple Up Preparation

How the multi-up booklet or pamphlet needs to be prepared.

  1. Multiple ups. We will specify to you how many “images” we can handle up or across our web.
  2. Gutters. We’ll specify gutter size. Typically it’s 1/4″, but sometimes we do 1/8″.
  3. Waste area for die-cutting. We add 1/2″ on top and bottom of the multi-up onserts for die cutting.
  4. Cover lip. For laminated pieces, we add 1/16″ lip on cover. For glued pieces, we will have a minimum of a 1/2″ lip.
  5. Hold ins. VERY IMPORTANT – We use an 1/8″ for all copy to be held in from the edge of the die cut. The biggest mistake we see here is that the art preparer forgets to hold in the “Peel Here” copy or other opening instructions an 1/8″.
  6. Bleed: The cover colors need to bleed 1/16″ over the fold edge and 1/8″ into gutter.
  7. Proper packaging of printing. To maximize our production, the printing needs to be in very good condition. Therefore, our packaging specs need to be followed carefully.
  8. Overrun needed for waste. 12% to 20% overage.
  9. Sample of die strike: Please provide a sample of where you expect the die to cut to be so we can check for any issues.