Letter From Jeff Bertrand

As CEO/owner, I am active in day to day operations and am constantly updated on what is going on with our customers and their projects. I am available to help make decisions that keep your projects moving. It might mean giving the okay to move a project faster through our system. Or, it could be making an adjustment in a price based on special information. The point is when the decision maker is working with the project managers, things get done faster and tougher situations are resolved quicker.

I am very proud of the knowledge we have developed over 38 years of making booklet labels. This niche has been our focus for a very long time. We know a lot about the subject. We’re an inch wide and a mile deep. 

We love getting the box of materials that consists of a bunch of containers and sheets of copy with a note that basically says “help”! You will get an honest, realistic assessment of what can be done. We rarely see challenges we can’t meet. In fact, we have a lot of experience with tiny vials and pages of copy. (See our new (Pi) Labels™) There is almost always a way to get all the copy to fit. As CEO, I want our excellent staff to feel free to experiment. It’s not uncommon to find nickels, cable ties, paper clips, re-tasked rollers etc on the press helping us to make an unusual label construction which the press may not have been designed to make. Whatever it takes! The spirit to get it done through dogged persistence is a key trait of the people who work at JH Bertrand.

Finally, it is very important to me that our company is easy to deal with. I often listen to the way we talk with customers and suppliers. We must have a friendly, easy to work with attitude. The first trait I look for when hiring is friendliness. I have worked with companies who couldn’t care less whether you give them the business or not. Or worse, I get an arrogant attitude. I didn’t like those experiences so I don’t want that to ever be part of JH Bertrand. I guarantee that JHB project managers will give you their best efforts with a great attitude. It starts at the top!

Thank you very much for considering JH Bertrand. I appreciate your business more than my words can express.

Best Regards,

Jeff Bertrand