Disinfectants and Cleaners

In March 2020, we faced the beginning of a pandemic that has changed how we think about disinfectants and cleaners. Almost all of the most needed disinfectants such as hand sanitizers, isopropyl alcohol, professional cleaning products, disinfectant wipes, bleach, and common cleaners were nowhere to be found. As of March 30th, they were still hard to find.

JH Bertrand remained open during the pandemic because it is an essential manufacturer of the extended content labeling that supports the types of disinfectant and cleaning products listed above. In fact, our booklet label and neck hanger production have gone up dramatically because a very significant portion of the cleaning and disinfectant label business is for hard surface hospital cleaning. Other cleaning products we label are used extensively in hotels and restaurants.

We suspect that disinfecting things such as doorknobs, tables, walls, floors, our hands, gas nozzles, ATM buttons, and etc. is something that is going to be a habit that stays with us for a long time. At the very minimum, we are all going to be washing our hands a lot more than we have in the past.  CDC Guidelines for Covid19

If your company needs extended content labeling for these types of cleaning products, please consider us.