We do business with many print and packaging brokers. We welcome you. We especially enjoy doing business with brokers who are value-oriented; brokers who want to solve issues rather than just quoting and hoping that a price is low enough to move a piece of business. We don’t mind doing business with demanding people as long as they are fair and looking to solve a problem. We find this type of broker invigorating to work with. If you are like this, we’ll be a fabulous partner that you can absolutely rely upon. Conversely, if it’s all about price and little else, then our relationship probably won’t last very long because you’ll be looking for a cheaper price for the next run, and we’ll lose interest.


  1. If you are looking for the rock bottom low low price, we won’t have it. Our trade discounted pricing is competitive, but not earth shattering.
  2. If you are trying to quote us to move business by being cheaper than what your customer is getting, we find this a waste of time. 
    To get the business away from an existing competitor with no service or quality issues, we have to be at least 10% cheaper than the competitor with your mark-up included. This is almost impossible. In fact, we rarely see the business move on price alone. 
  3. If you are using us for a bid package, we are very likely to turn it down because we don’t believe in bid packages. They are rarely a good opportunity.  Whenever it’s all about price, our value is greatly diminished. We have too many very good opportunities to fool with “price only” bids.


  • If you want someone to do R&D and patiently work through a problem to find a solution-looking at it from different angles-we do this every day. It’s our bread and butter. We love providing samples and making mock-ups to help you communicate with your customer.
  • If you want rock solid delivery… a company that stands by commitments… that’s us.
  • If matching quality to your customer’s expectation of quality is important to you, you will be pleased at how we do this.
  • If you need answers that will make you look good, we know our niche after 38 years of doing the same thing.
    We will teach you so you’ll look good to your customer. 
  • If you want a company that deeply believes in protecting its distributors and will call when there is any type of questionable issue, you will find this in JH Bertrand.
  • If you have a demanding customer who has a complicated project…i.e. lots of sku’s, a volume of pages to fit a small round container, an on product promotion with variable code, a tight delivery, an alternative to a patented construction and etc, we’re the right company. We do many simple projects, but we love the more value-added ones because they challenge us and are more likely to repeat.
  • If you have a customer who is unhappy because of poor quality, slow or inconsistent delivery, lack of communication or who doesn’t like the solution that was developed, we will dazzle them.  These are great opportunities.
  • If you want a somebody to help you with strategy on an account to win it, we’re great at that.  Call and ask for Sam Donofrio. 716-631-9201. We enjoy these high-value conversations.

It really comes down to this. If you and your customer not only recognize value-added, but need it, then we are the company you will enjoy working with. If it’s all about price and nothing more, it’s really not us. Differentiating our company through price is a losing strategy. We have never done it and never will. I think you will find our approach to business refreshing and valuable to you. We look forward to doing business together.