How booklet label artwork goes from a blank template to finished product. Below is an example. Your Booklet Label template will be custom made to your specifications.

Step 1. We prepare a template in a professional layout program. (ie. Illustrator, Quark, PageMaker, InDesign)

Step 2. You fill it out following our guidelines.

Step 3. We review it, tweak it and send you a proof.

Step 4. You approve proof. (or make changes and go back to step 3)

Step 5. We print booklet labels in 12-14 days from receipt of approved proof.

Booklet Label Template Blank

Booklet Label Template Filled

Finished Booklet Label


FDA Codes Our cGMP compliance is based on these regulations from the FDA. Scroll down to part 210 and 211.
EPA Resources Key area for research and instruction on EPA issues.
Uniform Code Council Barcode information for UPC.
GS1 Implements standards to help increase efficiency and visibility of supply anddemand chains globally and across sectors.
MSDS Terrific resource for MSDS.