9 Ways To Reduce Your Booklet Label Cost

Use these tips to save a lot of money.

1. Do you actually need a booklet label?
  Take a serious look at your text to see if it can be pared down. Certainly, a single-ply label is cheaper than a booklet label.

2. Increase Volumes.  The larger your run, the less expensive each label is.

3. Use a foldout rather than a stapled or glued booklet.  Paper that folds out is cheaper than a stapled or glued booklet.

4. Reduce Colors.

5. Standardize Sizes.  It’s cheaper to have fewer sizes and more volume with those sizes rather than a lot of small runs with a variety of sizes. We can sequential run each project. Fewer setups saves money.

6. Don’t print the base label.  Companies print the base label when they want a label to remain if the booklet is removed. If your product has a label in addition to the booklet label, you can save money by not printing the base label.

7. Use an existing die size.  Booklet Label dies are expensive. If you can use a die size we have on hand, you won’t have to buy a die.

8. Follow the supplied template.  Many of our customers like to do their own art based on a template we supply. This is fine if you follow it. If you don’t follow it such as watching ignoring “copy hold-ins”, we will have to fix it which may create art chargebacks.

9. Eliminate tabs. Many booklet label manufacturers like to add tabs because they ostensibly make booklet labels easier to open. In truth, booklet labels are easy to open without a tab. Furthermore, tabs add a step in the process which increases costs and reduces label manufacturing speed.