Packaging and Folding Guidelines for Printing Being Shipped to JH Bertrand

Your printing has to arrive to us in good condition in order to get a good finished product. If it isn’t properly packaged, it can make it very difficult or impossible to convert in booklet labels. Equipment feeders have difficulty feeding bent or distorted booklets.

As you can see in the picure above, the pamphlets are laying nicely in the hopper. It makes it much easier to feed printed material that is properly folded and lays flat. The specifications below are a few guidelines to follow:

  • You can ship “cut to size” press sheets for folding and finishing. We’ll let you know how many “up” we require and the necessary margins. We need the press sheets secured on a skid with corner protectors and banded. Make sure they are labeled “DO NOT DOUBLE STACK”.
  • If you are FOLDING, it must be “map quality.” All edges and corners are clean and even.
  • Bulk pack folders and booklets snuggly in cartons, but do not over pack to the point that hte pieces bow in the bow. Tray packs work well too if that is your method of packaging.
  • Separate layers and rows with chipboard. No more than 2 layers per carton.
  • Orient folders in same direction. If this is not a possible, alternate every 2″ at minimum.
  • No rubber bands, twist ties, strings, shrink wrap or stretch wrap.
  • If there is a lip on a cover, it must be facing the top and not to the side so it doesn’t get crushed.

We receive printing from all over the United States. It’s a proven system that works well.
However, we can always provide the printing for you if you prefer.

Call Beth if you want to inquire about sending us the printing. 716-631-9201