Curved Surfaces Need Special Booklet Labels

Round products are no problem.

Lam to Liner_ vial

If your product is packaged in a round container, you will need a special booklet label to label it. The Lam To Liner (LTL) is a booklet label that has a short base label. When the booklet is overlaminated, part of the “lam” lays directly on the carrier liner (See the picture below that shows an applied LTL with the laminate sticking directly to the container. The tab part is sticking up for illustration purposes.) The result is a booklet label that affixes to itself on one side only versus a Standard Booklet Label where the laminate sticks to itself on both sides. As the LTL is removed from the carrier liner and applied to the product, it forms smoothly around the curved surface with no tension. A Standard Booklet Label will not work for round products because it doesn’t bend much. Some of our customers will try to use a Standard Booklet label on this type of application to save money, but the labels wrinkle and are almost impossible to open.

Another label construction we use for curved surfaces we call (Pi) Label®. This construction is a wraparound label that wraps on itself. (It’s the label located at the top right) It’s name is derived from the formula for a circle.  It is naturally good around very tight diameters and is often used on vials. We can print both sides of the label. It’s a very popular product!

LTL laminate laying directly on the container