As you probably know, GHS stands for Global Harmonization System where hazardous chemicals are required to follow a global standard of labeling. OSHA is the regulatory body in the United States responsible for the US component of this planet-wide agreement. The chemical industry worldwide is a $1.7 trillion dollar market so this is a big deal. World governments believe that this will make chemicals safer to use across countries and languages where there are many different standards which are reportedly creating confusion and unsafe chemical use. These changes will result in more copy being displayed on the product particularly if foreign languages are involved.

If you haven’t started to address the issue, you’re behind right now. Many of our customers started the process in early in 2014. Most GHS companies have a daunting task because they typically have 100s of SKUs that need to be updated to the new standard. While it is challenging enough to change the artwork on many products, the real pain factor is in the smaller product packaging and containers. This is where text and graphics are already cramped. At the minimum, you will have to add a few symbols. Worst case, you’ll be adding more symbols and foreign languages too! All these pictures and text can quickly make the situation overwhelming. We can help! 

We have a great GHS solution for small containers! (and large ones if that is what you need)

In reviewing this regulation, JH Bertrand believes the biggest issue for manufacturers will be in the area of small containers particularly small curved ones. As of this writing, OSHA is allowing no exemptions for small product containers meaning that booklet labels may be needed to accommodate the new label regulations. If you find yourself facing the problem of complying with GHS on small containers, please call us. We are VERY skilled at applying a volume of copy to small, curvy containers…even vials.

If you haven’t started yet, we can catch you up fast!!!

Here’s how to start.

Step 1. Send us the containers that need GHS labeling, the copy and any instructions. Send to JH Bertrand Inc – 410 Lawrence Bell Drive – #13 – Buffalo, NY  14221 – Attn: Tom Szczepanski  (716-631-9201 if you want to call)

Step 2. When we get your package, we will let you know by email that we have it.

Step 3.  We will analyze what you have sent us and come up with a plan. If we have questions, we will call or email you. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to you for our analysis.

Step 4.  If you are satisfied with what we have come up with and happy with the quote we provided to produce the GHS booklet labels, we can have labels to you in 14 working days after receipt of approved artwork. It’s that fast and simple. To be clear, artwork will have to be produced first. We can make a template for your design team to fill out or we can do the artwork manipulation for you.

If you want to call us to discuss, please call at 716-631-9201. Ask for Tom. If Tom isn’t available, ask for Beth. We make the process from artwork to delivery of finished booklet labels a snap. Most importantly, we realize that this is a regulatory change and something you may not want to do so we will do everything we can to be sensitive to your budget. Call us today so we can get this problem off your desk! If you would like a sample kit first, please go to our sample kit page, fill out a request, and we’ll send out your kit right away.



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