Going Green

“Growing up, I spent my summers and every moment I could fishing, hiking, canoeing and enjoying the environment. New York State with the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Catskills, Thousand Islands, and other parks has some of the most beautiful lands in the country. We have a gorgeous world to enjoy, and with that, we want to do our part in balancing our growth with respect for the environment. I think every parent wants to leave their kids with the opportunity to explore the world the way we did. (If we can get them off their Ipods, Ipads and smart phones that is!) At JH Bertrand, we feel strongly about doing our share to help.”
– Jeff Bertrand

We see the “green moment” in a bifurcated way. It’s about what we are going to do as a company to help out and how we can help our customers achieve their goals.

What JHB does

  • We recycle our papers and waste
  • We have used lean manufacturing techniques to reduce waste in our manufacturing process
  • We have partnered with other companies on certain functions so that our collective foot print is less than having a duplication of services

What we can do for you

Our customers want to give their packaging an “environmental friendly/healthy” look and feel. We can achieve those goals by offering the following:

  • Recycled papers
  • Specialty paper booklet labels without plastic
    Source reduction strategies- use a booklet label and eliminate the outer carton and insert
  • More environmentally friendly inks
  • Helping customers to fit copy on smaller packages with more concentrated product inside which eliminates larger containers