Booklet Labels Defined

Definition – The term Booklet Label is the symbolic name for a category of label constructions with multiple pages. Booklet Labels allow you to professionally add a lot more text and graphics on your products. (Pictured on the right is a 40 paged ag chem booklet label which is filled with directions for use and legal copy)

American Imazapyt Booklet LabelThe classic Booklet Label is comprised of a booklet or pamphlet that is married to a single ply label. There are many other names for Booklet Labels: Foldout Labels, Extended Content Labels, Expanded Content Labels, Expanded Labels, ECLs, Extended Text Labels, Multi-Panel Labels, Multi-ply Labels, Label with Pages, and Multi-Page Labels to name a few. Don’t be confused by all the terms. They essentially mean the same thing. Sometimes people use the term Booklet Label to mean it’s a stapled or glued booklet rather than a pamphlet that folds out.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer-industrial product’s companies use booklet labels to expand their product’s copy area. For example, companies with regulatory products such as chemical manufacturers may have to carry pages and pages of required information such as “warnings”, “first aid”, “storage and disposal”, and “environmental hazards” to name a few. If a company is shipping overseas, manufacturing may want to consolidate all the country languages into one booklet label to eliminate separate labels. Or, the company may want to expand the product’s DIRECTIONS FOR USE to make the end user’s experience much better and safer. Coupons and rebates are another popular use of booklet labels. See the 25 common ways customers use booklet labels.

Booklet Label Being OpenedHow does JH Bertrand make the difference for you?

We’ve been making booklet labels for over 38 years and are among a very small group of manufacturers that pioneered the business in the United States. We’re so heavily focused on this area that we like to say we’re “an inch wide and a mile deep”. We eat, sleep and breathe booklet labels and related constructions. This means the variety of solutions we offer is MUCH greater than a traditional label manufacturer who most likely as a  “basic” booklet label solution.

We spend a lot of our business day focused on solving complex “space” problems. For example, a Standard Booklet Label (a booklet laminated on the left and right hand side designed for flat surfaces) is not the right solution for a small diameter bottle. If you use it, this type of booklet label will bunch up on one end during application, won’t look good on your product, and will be almost impossible to open. JH Bertrand offers several excellent booklet label constructions for curved surfaces.

Our Lam to Liner Booklet Label is our most popular construction for round containers. We leave the booklet label open on one side (eliminates label stress) which allows it to be easily formed around your product. The bunching is eliminated, and your customers will find it much easier to open. It’s our extensive knowledge and product variety that allows us to offer these product options that make a big impact on your product packages. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. We have hundreds of variations and sophisticated options that allow you to get the right label for your product application. See our product’s page for examples of these options.


Sidekick Booklet LabelThe Sidekick Label shows a beautiful label that wraps around the product with a portion of it dedicated to a booklet filled with instructions and safety information. Booklet Labels can be attractively integrated into your product label


The SK Floor Cleaner product below is basic example of how a booklet label can dramatically improve a product’s appearance.

The “before” product is a common sight. Regulatory copy overshadows the brand identification and benefit statements. SK’s label doesn’t stand out. It’s packed with copy eliminating virtually any white space. It “looks dangerous” to buy with all that legal regulatory copy screaming for attention. As a consumer, I might walk right past this product because it doesn’t look friendly.

The “after” product shows great improvement. The non-selling, intimidating regulatory copy is inside the Booklet Label. The “after” product has a more prominent brand name and logo. More copy space has given the company designers a chance to add a beautiful color pattern. And, the benefit statements are bigger helping to explain why the customer should buy the product. The new package is far more appealing. The use of a booklet label has given SK the opportunity to change its image allowing it to stand above the competition. 

We are a “can do” company. Here you see our teams working on a challenging booklet label project.

We love creating new things so please give us your booklet label challenge. 716-631-9201.