Booklet Labels = Hard Copy

A man checks the hard copy of some medication.

“Hard Copy” is a physical printout of an electronic document.

Do you remember when people felt that the internet was going to eliminate paperwork and copies….and that everything was going to be stored digitally? Paper is being used more than ever before. Why? Because copies of important documents are critical to our lives. We need physical copies because we don’t fully trust electronic storage. Paper is safe. Paper doesn’t use batteries. There is too much that can go wrong with digital. Everybody has had a hard drive failure or accidentally deleted critical information. With all the hacking and electronic invasion, paper is an excellent backup solution. A physical copy is always there. It doesn’t disappear if properly stored and can’t be erased. It costs very little to store it. Physical copies are still the gold standard with legal documents which implies how trusted paper copies are. Electronic storage of paperwork always comes with the worry that it may be lost due to a hard drive or backup system failure.

What does this have to do with booklet labels? Offering all the important use and technical instructions in “hard copy” format on your product is a welcome, valued added feature to your customers. If there is an emergency, the information can be accessed in seconds. If the internet isn’t available, your end user has something to guide them. Whether they use it or not, it’s always there… just in case. It can’t be deleted. Nobody is going to hack it. In the most extreme circumstances, it may save somebody’s life. Everybody knows how to use a physical piece of paper.

It’s easy to believe that all your information should only be on the web to save money, but consider what a convenience and safety advantage information in physical form is. In a world where every competitive advantage is needed, don’t overlook how a physical “hard copy” of the detailed instructions gives your product a major competitive advantage.