Make Your Booklet Labels Work Harder

Your booklet labels can do a lot more than you may realize. 

  1. 96 pages. We can produce booklet labels with as many as 96 pages of text/graphics.
  2. Peel Off Label. A common application is to match the peel off label with the information on the cover of the booklet label. It is used as patient or kit identification on a report.
  3. Unique Identifier. Each label is printed with a unique identifier so it can be tracked.
  4. NFC. We can fit our booklet labels with NFC (nearfield communication) which are passive radio waves read by a smartphone or other device.
  5. Cover Up. There are times when you need to cover up what is already printed on the package. We use a special blackout material so that nothing shows through.
  6. 2D Barcodes allow you to provide information in barcode format such as static, variable and automatic direction to a website.
  7. Cold Chain. Low temperature stock can be incorporated into your booklet label so that it can be applied and stored at very cold temperatures. We offer cryogenic booklet labels too!
  8. Easy Peel Lip. The booklet label lip lays directly on the product and is easily peeled open by the end user.