Booklet Label Advantages


The most common advantage that we see for a booklet label is its ability to expand real estate for compliance copy. This is information that a governmental authority requires you to provide the end user so that your product can be legally sold. If it’s not part of your product presentation or minimized, then you put your company in jeopardy of many nasty repercussions which may include fines, recalls or being shut down. No matter how big your company is, the government has endless amounts of money to throw at the problem. You do not. The best way to be in compliance is to put all the required information on your product’s label.

Many of our top customers choose to be conservative and offer more information rather than less. This is a smart strategy and great insurance. They understand that prevention is the best way to avoid a lot of needless regulatory costs which may occur with a non-compliant label.


We understand that there is great interest in “e-label” solutions that supposedly solve the problem for less cost. With almost everybody on earth having a Smart Phone, there is great interest in slimming down the product required copy on the product and offering the balance of the information on website via a Smart Phone link. We aren’t saying that won’t work, but considering how young all this technology is, and the fact that government bodies are playing catch up, is it worth the risk? Our customers says no. You may save a few pennies on booklet labels versus a simpler label, but what is the downstream risk? It could be sizable…. what if your end users complain to the authorities and put your company “on the grid” as having an issue…what if there isn’t some kind of breakdown in the face of an emergency like not being able to access the information because the end user’s phone is dead…what if your network hasn’t gone down and left many users exposed or if the end user simply doesn’t have a phone to begin with.

The list of anomalies that could get you into expensive trouble is endless. The best way to mitigate label compliance risk is to put a “hard copy” of all the required information on your product. This isn’t legal advice nor are we saying you won’t have issues, but it makes the most sense, and gives you “logical” protection. The most logical way to give information is directly on the product which offers the best arguments in face of a government inquiry or court issue because you did everything you could to make your product label compliant and safe.

If you are worried about making all the copy fit, don’t. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny 2.5 ml vial or a large drum, we have many excellent label constructions to present all the required copy on the product. If you are a firm that needs to determine what you legal copy you on the product, we can refer you to somebody who can advise you.


• Instructions/information are affixed DIRECTLY to the product rather than being accessed from a device that may require multiple steps to get to the information.

• The product user doesn’t have to be tech savvy to use it. There are many who are still “tech” adverse. Those who haven’t grown up with technology are more likely to resist it

• You get a “hard copy” of key information with each product. When you have questions, it’s always there 24/7.

• In our litigious society, booklet labels may be one of the best legal defenses against product liability because the information is ON the product. You can imagine how not having a physical copy of the important information available would be presented in court. You can just hear the prosecution…”And why wasn’t the information on the product???….where was the information located???…how can you expect them to get this information is it is located…”

• It allows you to open up graphic space and tuck the “scary” information inside the booklet.

• You don’t need an expensive, complicated network to use them.

• It offers ways to build a deeper, layered defense against counterfeiting.

• They don’t need batteries or a power source.

• They don’t break if dropped or immersed in water. 

• They won’t have a catastrophic malfunction.

• They can’t get hacked. (an issue that gets worse by the day)

• They offer a simpler presentation. Complexity can create unanticipated problems and costs.

We aren’t arguing against technology, but simply pointing out that booklet labels aren’t going to be replaced by smartphones or other electronic devices anytime soon because they offer such advantages. In fact, we believe that booklet labels in combination with technology offer a robust opportunity to make your product presentation much more useful to the end user.