Combine all the languages (with equal weight) into one booklet label for the following benefits:

  • Eliminates creating labels for each country.
  • Reduces manufacturing and distribution costs due to combined SKUs.
  • Offers more flexibility to end users. They can pick the language of choice.

The most common trend is to put all the languages in “equal weight” on the product. This means that the English statement is followed by the equivalent statement in other languages. The Flash Fire shown open is the best example.

The first step to getting all the languages on the product is to edit them. Often companies find that they are including too much general information. Sometimes the editing goes so well, they find that they don’t need a booklet label. We don’t want you to buy something you don’t so please take the time to edit. The second step is to ask your regulatory or legal department what needs to be on the outside of the product versus what could be put inside the foldout label. Once you have those questions answered, you give us the text to work with. We analyze your container, make mock-ups and provide pricing.

Some customers elect to leave their labeling the way it is and add another language as a booklet label supplement. This works for US distribution, but may not be a solution for Mexico, Canada or other countries unless the English is handled the same way. Again, your regulatory department can tell you what’s ok. In general, however, you are always safe with equal weight.

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