Specialty Booklet

Story: Farnam, a manufacturer of animal health products, came to us because they wanted to do a special promotion. From their R&D, they found that their bestselling horse medicine “Next Level” would work for humans.

After developing “Human Next Level”, they decided the best way to introduce it was on the Next Level package. Farnam asked us to develop a special construction that would deliver a promotional dosage for its customers to try.

After some R&D on our part, we retooled our equipment to create the Human Next Level information/dosage package. It was a pamphlet with an elastic tie affixed to a small 3 (2 pills per dose) dosage pouch. The package was snapped over the neck of Farnam’s product. The result was a huge success. The promotion was well received by Farnam’s customers and a new product was born in the marketplace.
Farnam sent us a letter of appreciation for our efforts on this project.

Here’s what we did:

  • Designed tag/pill packet construction
  • Printed and folded pamphlet
  • Punched a hole and put in an elastic tie
  • QC’d pill packet and followed cGMP procedures
  • Married the pamphlet to the pill packet
  • Reconciled incoming pill packets with the outgoing shipment of pill packet hang tags.
  • Returned all unused pill packets to Farnam.