Promotional Booklet Labels

Aside from IRC’s and rebates, you can use a booklet label with variable codes to offer your customers free stuff.

  • Develop a free offer that your customers will get excited about such as a free ring tone, movie or song download.
  • Create a booklet label to detail the offer and give instructions. We supply you with a template to make artwork development easy.
  • Provide us with a variable file of codes with no vowels (a, e, i, o u) or without the numbers 1 or 0. Unfortunately, these codes can combine randomly into offensive terms so eliminating vowels and the “1” and “0” will protect your company. We need 30% more codes to account for waste.

Once we produce your job in 12-15 working days from approved proof, we report back to you the range of codes that made it through our process so that you know which ones to activate.

You apply them to your product and prepare your website for the download promotion. That’s it. Your customers will love getting a free digital download.