A flexo printed top ply specialty glued to a flexo printed pressure sensitive base label. Our system is the best on the market. We use a release varnish on the inside top and a UV cured adhesive on the base top. This proprietary formulation offers a very easy opening label with no annoying stickiness. We can print a total of 6 colors plus a uv varnish. We use 2.6 mil polypropylene white film for the base and top ply to make for a very rich looking label. When your company needs only an extra panel, this is the one to choose. 20″ maximum outer roll diameter. 3″ or 6″ cores. Ask for samples of this one. You will be impressed!

Comments: If you need just “a little” more information on your product than your standard ps label will hold, our two ply is for you.

Lot’s of extra space and no stickiness.