An offset printed booklet or pamphlet (or widget) packaged in a plastic pouch with a custom punch hole. Sizes to fit small vials to 55 containers. Die cut holes from 1/8″ to 3″. The punch hole is designed to snap securely over your product’s cap. 3 mil virgin “ultra clear” poly material. Hangs distinctly from the product while taking up zero label space. Manually applied. Customers love the Data-Necker because it snaps easily over the neck, doesn’t take up label space, carries multiple inserts, is eye catching, protects the contents, and is priced well in all volumes. Trademarked names: Data-Necker.

Comments: Marketing Managers like the Data-Necker because it doesn’t require a total redesign of the product graphics to use it. The Data-Necker attracts attention and looks like something value added on the product. And, it’s very inexpensive.

Colgate-Palmolive MSDS
sheet removed from neck and open.