Onserts On Rolls – an offset printed pamphlet (onsert) that is laminated to a film or paper base label. A large folded sheet often referred to as an “onsert” or “patient insert” (PI) is a common sight on pharmaceutical packaging. This product has many folds and opens up to extremely detailed drug information which includes instructions, warnings, FAQ’s etc. It may have parallel or right angle folds.

Instead of gluing the onsert to the pharma product, we can now make it into a label construction which is then applied like a label with a standard label applicator. This allows you to standardize label application equipment in your factory making your process more efficient.

The trend is for thicker onserts made from thinner papers that start from larger and larger sheets. We are experts at handling complex, thicker label constructions. We offer excellent printable laminating films that work with thermal transfer or inkjet technologies. Aside from patient inserts, Med Guides are another common use for this type of label construction..