Do you need to customize a booklet label for each product you make? Have you wished you could use booklet labels, but thought that your runs were too short to make it cost effective? This is your answer. Our “One of a Kind” Booklet Labels are designed to be customized by you. Here’s how it works: We produce booklet labels with basic information that doesn’t change such a logos and address. These booklet labels are designed to be opened. You print specially die cut labels on your ink jet or laser printer that are slightly smaller than the pages in booklet label. You place the labels into the booklet label and voila!– it’s custom made. “One of a Kind” Booklet Labels are easy to make because we print registration marks on each page. They look great because the “pages” are printed on quality laser or ink jet printers. This means you can make custom booklet labels right on the spot. Trademarked name: One of a Kind” Booklet Labels.

Comments: An exciting development for those customers who need to make a different booklet label for each product they ship!

Wow! Customized booklet labels!! We make booklet labels pre-printed with non changing information such as a logo and address. You customize die cut labels with your ink jet or laser printer and apply them to the booklet label.

Close up showing labels applied. Looks great!

An easy and lower cost way to customize each booklet label. We can supply you with the different die cut labels for your printer.