An offset printed booklet or pamphlet (or widget) encapsulated by heat sealing a plastic film to a die cut pressure sensitive base label. 100% sealed on all 4 sides. Can encapsulate up to 3 inserts making this product unique and attractive for specialized value-added applications. Uses clear or opaque films including metalized. Printing on film is optional. Opens with perforation or tear strip. Base ply can be printed up to 6 flexo colors including process. Produced on 6″ cores. Available in 12″ to 20″ outer roll diameters. Wide range of adhesives available. Smallest size Mega Label: 3″ x 3″ with 2″ x 2″ insert. Can be configured without an opening to make tamperproof. Trademarked name: Mega Label.

Comments: Companies like the Mega Label because it protects the insert from moisture, dust, and chemical contamination. The ability to encapsulate up to 3 inserts offers Marketing Managers the opportunity to really add value to their products.