An offset printed pamphlet laminated to a die cut pressure sensitive label. The big difference is the pamphlet has a right angle fold. This means that you can design a piece that unfolds like a map. When you can’t present your design in a long thin foldout, a map fold should be considered. The downside to this construction is that it can only be produced one up on press which often makes it more expensive than a standard foldout label. The pressure sensitive base label is made of paper or film and can be printed up to 15 colors. Booklet Labels are produced on rolls for manual or automatic application. A resealable feature is optional.  We can make map folds unfold to very large sheets. Call us to discuss.  A wide variety of permanent and removable adhesives is available. 18″ maximum outer roll diameter. 3″ or 6″ cores. The pamphlet or booklet is offset printed with as many as 8 colors including process.