An offset printed booklet or pamphlet with one or multiple adhesive strips on non printed side. The money is saved by not having a flexo printed base label. One “panel” in the printed leaflet acts as a permanent base label. Your customer opens by pulling on paper tab which can be resealed. Polyester tab is optional. Designed for 50 to 25,000 runs. No dies. No setup charges. Permanent or removable adhesive. In the lower volumes, pricing can average 50%-200% below laminated foldout labels on rolls. Easy peel liners make production quick. Great for companies who have hundreds of short run products. Produced as individual pieces for manual application.
Trademarked names: Poorman’s Foldout Labels.

Comments: We repeat: No dies or setup fees. Average 50% to 200% lower than standard laminated foldout products in short runs. We can add a permanent base label, laminate, and add a terrific resealable feature.

Economy Short Run foldout label
looks great on any container.

We can lay the adhesive strips both vertically and horizontally. We also use special resealable adhesives in the lip area for easy opening and closing.