Legalized Cannabis Labeling

Legalized Cannabis Booklet Labels

Producing the most comprehensive legal Cannabis label (in the most timely fashion) is our mission.

Our goal is five fold – (a) We want to help Cannabis users to be as safe as possible when using the product. (b) We want to assist the industry in presenting the proper warnings to keep it from reaching children. (c) We want to help the manufacturers to provide labels that aid them in complying with all laws. (d) We want to make a product package that is attractive and functional. (e) We want to supply labels as quickly as possible because we understand the demands that Cannabis manufacturers are under.

We manufacture a variety of label constructions that will allow your company to properly label your product regardless of the volume of information. It doesn’t matter how much information is needed, we’ll be able to find a solution for you. We work only on the complex products that need pages of information. What we’re not- if you need a simple single ply product label, JH Bertrand isn’t the company for you. Our focus is booklet labels and related extended content labeling.


Please call Beth Grayson (or email Beth at at 716-631-9201 to answer questions, get pricing and/or to start your project.

SOLUTION EXAMPLE: One of our customer’s needed a booklet label for a small package. The solution had to be “customizable” at their location…and keep up with a very robust order backlog. JH Bertrand created a booklet label that fit their small package perfectly that could be also be thermal transfer printed “5 UP”. This dramatically increased their label printing and solved all our customer’s issues. Reaction: The customer was absolutely thrilled!