Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Booklet Labels

Grocery Redemption Rates:

  • Sunday FSI  1.3%
  • Newspaper  0.8%
  • Magazine  1.0%
  • Direct Mail  3.2%
  • Regular in-pack  6.3%
  • Regular on-pack  8.4%
  • In-pack, cross-ruff  4.7%
  • On-pack, cross-ruff  5.8%
  • IRC  18.1%
  • IRC, cross-ruff  5.3%
  • On-shelf  8.3%
  • Electronic dispensed  7.2%

Food and beverage brands utilize on product coupons to reward loyal customers and entice new customers to buy.

Coupon Redemption Rates

The study below illustrates how Instant Redeemable Coupons are THE MOST powerful way to stimulate demand and get consumers to try new brands. 27.2% of planned purchases switched brands when a deal was offered; 64.3% of unplanned purchases switched brands when a deal was offered. This study was created by NCH marketing Services which is a global coupon processing and promotion information management company. See chart stats to the left: