Harsh Environment Booklet Labels

An offset printed booklet or pamphlet printed on plastic (synthetic) paper. It's laminated or glued to a film base label. This booklet label is virtually indestructible as it is water, freeze and tear proof. It's fabulous against heavy moisture, cold temperatures and abusive contact. We use a variety of popular synthetic papers. Each has advantages under certain conditions. We'll supply you with spec sheets and thoroughly discuss which brands make sense for your application. We have years of experience in printing this special paper. It's great for everything from four color process to simple one color jobs. The film base ply can be printed up to 10 flexo colors including process. It's produced on 3" or 6" cores. Available in 12" to 20" outer roll diameters. A wide range of adhesives are available for the base ply.

Comments: It's freeze, water and tear proof! This one is gaining popularity fast!!

       Harsh Environment Booklet Label before tests
Harsh Environment Booklet Label before tests.


Harsh Environment Booklet Labels - Water Test
We sprayed this label with a garden hose for 5 minutes. No effect.
    Harsh Environment Booklet Labels - Tear Test I tried hard to tear it. The only damage was a slight stretch mark.


Harsh Environment Booklet Labels - Freezer Test
No damage from water. Slight stretch mark from tear test. No damage after I put in in the freezer.
Our pharma customers verified that it worked well in the freezer down to -50 degrees.


Harsh Environment Booklet Labels
After all the tests, the pages and inside of the
booklet show zero damage.