The Value We Offer


We know that you have a choice when you buy booklet label products today. We understand very acutely that we are only as good as the value we offer you. While we have listed what we do that thrills our customers, please give us a chance to prove it. JH Bertrand offer the gold standard in booklet labels

  • JHB Project Managers answer the phones. We don't use voicemail. You have simple, easy, frictionless access to us when you need it. 

  • Focus. JH Bertrand has been focused on booklet labels for over 33 years. We've seen thousands of different uses for our products over a wide variety of industries. When you come to us with a project, chances are we've seen something like it. This means you don't have to be frustrated with trying to explain what you are trying to achieve. Our huge variety of solutions virtually guarantees that we will find something that works for you. 

  • Responsive. We run on urgency. You will get fast response from our project managers either by phone or email. Whatever method of communications you prefer is fine with us.
  • Teaching. We get a lot of calls from customers who have no idea what they want. We are more than happy to spend the time to talk about what construction makes sense including the nuances. In fact, we are happy to make mock-ups to further the learning and communication between colleagues. 
  • Bullet-Proof Reliability. We read purchase orders (many do not). We ship when we tell you we are going to ship. We are quick to call if we see an issue. We send out detailed specs with our order confirmations. When you give us a job, you can trust us to get it done without you needing to prod. With many of our customers being forced to do more with less, this is greatly appreciated.
  • Quality. Our reputation is based on years of producing quality label systems for satisfied customers. Bad quality is painful to us and detrimental to our brand. We guarantee our work, but our attitude is that it needs to be done right the first time. 
  • Budget Conscious. We know that many of our customers have to buy booklet labels when copy gets too crowded on their products. Often, these customers have been used to buying single ply pressure sensitive labels when they are suddenly forced to move towards booklet labels. The price difference can be shocking. With that in mind, we have many ideas on how to make projects less expensive and easier to digest.
  • International Customer Base. We are skilled and experienced at handling international projects. Whether it is ordered overseas and produced in the USA or ordered domestically for shipping to foreign ports. No problem. Our travels do take us to Europe and beyond so let us know if you need to meet with us.
  • Financially Responsible. We don't run this company on debt so you can bank on the fact that we are going to be around. Today, this means a lot to our customers.

Where we might not be a fit for your company


  • We don't do reverse auctions, major bid packages or any other form of supplier devaluing exercises. Don't misunderstand. We absolutely don't mind doing normal estimating and being competitive. We just aren't interested in those "opportunities" where it's based on an auctioned price with no value for service. Our value is based on high level service.

  • Our prices are competitive, but not rock bottom. High level service comes at a price because you need high quality people, equipment and processes to do it right. Don't expect to get dirt cheap prices from us. We don't subscribe to the "make it up on volume" philosophy. But, do expect to have a company do everything it can do to match your budget. 


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